The art of tuna defrosting

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New research project on chilled food logistics and processing  

The ‘Intelligent Container‘ and the COOL project on monitoring of cold storage rooms are followed up by another project on sensor development for food products.

The handling of tuna fish requires lots of expertise and knowledge about the product and its current state, especially for the defrosting process. Temperature and ventilation have to be carefully tuned to keep the tuna at best quality and to avoid waste. TFE #TheFishExperts, Bremerhaven, Germany has asked the Institute for Microsensors, -actuators and -systems (IMSAS) at the University Bremen for support on monitoring and controlling the defrosting process.

Goal of the project ‘Resource efficiency in the tuna supply chain’ is the development of a new sensor to detect the progress of defrosting from the surface to the core of the product.

[German press release]

Partner Companies

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‘Resource efficiency in the tuna supply chain’ is supported by founds of the European Union.